We provide food that customers love, day after day after day. It is not a big secret. People just want more of it.
From the plains of Punjab to the Malabar coast, the techniques, spices, seasonings and natural ingredients of Indian cooking have been refined over thousands of years, resulting in a cuisine unlike any other. Bollywood Indian Restaurant offers authentic North and South Indian dishes as diverse and vibrant as the peoples and regions of India.
We also offer “Delivery and Take Away”  available!

We Prepare Our Food Fresh

With decades of experience, our chefs will present you the finest Indian food in Chiclana.

Only the Best Spices

The benefits of spices is well documented. All our spices are imported from India, this way we have the best which shows in our cuisine.

We have an extensive menu

We have the usual dishes that we have grown to love. Millions of us are vegetarians, so you need not worry.